31 Things I'm Grateful For on my 31st Birthday

31 Things I'm Grateful For on my 31st Birthday

1. Big fluffy clouds

2. Meeting new people

3. Small town community 

4. The abundant grace and gift it is to wake up every morning to a new day

5. Cold beer at the end of a long work day

6. Family

7. Friends that are family

8. Giving gifts

9. Spotify and being able to listen to all sorts of music now for free

10. Long road trips in the car with good conversation

11. How coffee tastes when someone else makes it for me

12. Breaking a sweat 

13. Cold ocean water plunges 

14. Maldon Salt

15. A good pair of work gloves

16. Friends that stop by

17. Laughing hard

18. When kids are hilarious without realizing it

19. Getting in the "zone" while working

20. When people actually like or want to buy my work

21. Throwing parties

22. 1883

23. Old trucks

24. Flowers in a vase

25. Open horizons with nothing on them

26. Wild fish and meat from family and friends 

27. Windows down in the car

28. The lessons that animals teach us

29. Hay fields

30. The smell of the BBQ

31. The sound of an owl's hoot


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